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Make a Psi Ball - wikiHow


You guys, this link is AWESOME!!!

I am not allowed to teach majority of what I am learning in school to others, HOWEVER - this link describes in pretty good detail one of THE MOST IMPORTANT tools to use while meditating - or doing anything really. I am allowed to teach “Grounding” so try it out!!!! You can use different visuals rather than just tree roots, but that was a super helpful one for me!! Make your grounding AT LEAST as wide as your hips, once connected to the center of the earth, imagine a vacuum at the bottom of you, turn it on and let it suck unwanted energy down to the center of the earth.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!! :D

Checking in!

Hi friends, 

I know, I’ve owed you a good entry for a while now….  my apologies!!!

As I have told you before, I enrolled in an alternative school called Psychic Awakenings.  I have finished the classes Psychic Tools 101 & 102.  The classes were VERY meditation based. 

Here is a description of what I learned in class:

These four-week classes start you on your path. You will learn simple, effective techniques for becoming more aware of your own intuition, energy levels and personal space. This gives you a strong foundation of knowing yourself, which is an essential first step before reading and healing for other people. These classes offer several psychic “tools” for:

  • Removing energy blocks in your body and clearing pain
  • Beginning to clairvoyantly “read” energy
  • Grounding to feel safe while you are opening up psychically
  • Renewing and replenishing your energy
  • Being aware of and separating from energies that may be influencing you
  • Discovering you own spiritual information (Everyone has their own unique truths!)

I plan to start the next set of classes in mid September, Healing Hands 1 & 2.  Here is a description of some things I will be learning:

Your hands are also sensitive psychic tools! By using your hands you become more familiar with different energies. This is an excellent way to experience and start to read energy. “Feeling” the energy will help to make it more real for you, especially if you don’t yet think you can “see” anything. In these four-week classes you will learn how to:

  • Prevent taking on other people’s illnesses and problems
  • Create a safe environment conducive for doing healing work
  • Cleanse chakras, energy channels and the seven layers of the auras
  • Communicate and work with your Healing Master and Psychic Surgeon
  • Manage your healing abilities so that you do not have to heal everyone you meet!

OK friends, now I am going to share my END GOAL with you.  After Healing hands 1 & 2, I am going to take a Clairvoyant Awareness Class.  All 4 classes are prerequisites for this class!!!  Im guessing either in the winter or spring I will be taking the Clairvoyant class.  Here is a description of what I will EVENTUALLY learn:

The space around your body is not empty! Your aura, your “space,” is an extension of your energy, alive and vibrant. Using your clairvoyance you will learn how to “see” the aura’s seven layers. You will also see how this “inner world” is full of mental image pictures, colors, past life symbols and spirit guides. A few of the things you will learn this program include:

  • Reading the colors in an aura, and what they mean.
  • Communicating spiritually with other people.
  • Finding your own truths about the meaning of your life.
  • Read past-lives and spirit guides.
  • Creating healthy boundaries.
  • Validating your own clairvoyance.
  • Finding your spiritual freedom to be, do and have.

Prerequisites: Psychic Tools 101 & 102, Healing Hands I & II

Long story short, I am developing ALL of my Psychic abilities, I am going to go as far down this road as I can!!!

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